INSECTA: Planet of the Ants

by W Thor Larson

Take the best Nat Geo WILD specials on ants, mix in the Science Channel’s “Monster Bug Wars,” add mantis claw swords, giant war beetles, and millipede tanks, cast the brew in fantasy, and you’ve got INSECTA: Planet of the Ants.

Iridescent imagination flies high, burrows deep, and attacks head-on in this epic adventure set in a distant bioluminescent world where gigantic insects rule and powerful ant queens lock mandibles in a deadly chess game of massive proportions.

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Book 1 – Zombie Nest

Zombie Nest - Updated1718- 3610px x 5400px Ebook

Book 2 – Rise of Achilles

Rise of Achilles - 3610px x 5400px Ebook

Book 3 – Slave Makers

Slave Makers


Book 4 – Armageddon